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Some background info


30 years in construction

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I have a strong design background and have owned various design practices over the years. This has been interspersed with property development and lots of DIY projects.

With the advent of COVID my current design business (which had latterly become specialised in the exhibitions sector) came to an abrupt halt in early 2020 leaving me to explore other career options.

I've always been immensely practical and good at turning my hand to most things. So this has lead me to where I am now, offering my services as a handyman.

I am able to combine my design and construction experience of the past 30 years with my love of making things. 

I have an innovative and creative approach focused on quality, craftmanship and meeting the clients needs and desires.

Recent projects have been the re-landscaping of my garden (loved driving a digger!) and the demolition and complete refurbishment of my kitchen using almost all second hand units and appliances to great effect. Wherever possible I like to re-use elements in order to reduce the environmental impact of construction.

I know that the little things matter, from the positioning of a light switch to sweeping up at the end of a job; it's all important and ensures the job is well done. 

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